About Us

We tried starting our own Australian Charlie's Angels but that didn't really work out so now we're using our here!


Our powerful girl group is made up of Charlie, Jess & Ali. 

Yes, we all sing. 

Yes, we all play instruments. 

And YES, we certainly know how to par-tay.

Individually we have extensive experience performing alongside some of the biggest names in the business.


From touring the largest stadiums Australia has to offer, to selling out quirky jazz clubs and even small and intimate backyard gigs!

Us girls have done it all and now come together to dazzle and charm any room!

With  our mixture of harmonies, aesthetics and our love for making people happy with music, we can produce breathtaking renditions of well known songs to suit any special event!

We offer a dynamic range of music including jazz, pop, folk, classics and any special requests. We know that this is YOUR event so we have fun catering to what it is that YOU want!